DUI & Impaired Driving

Those accused of impaired driving ought to consult with a lawyer who spends a significant amount of his or her time defending this type of complex, specialized offence.  Experienced counsel know how to review an impaired driving file for the hundreds of potential variables that may lead to a successful result at trial.

The impaired driving group at WSGA brings the benefit of multiple lawyers who have successfully defended impaired driving cases for clients who simply cannot afford to lose.  Your lawyer will review your file for every conceivable technical and legal defence -- and then vigorously advance these defences in court.

Our impaired driving group works closely with toxicologists and accident reconstruction experts to ensure that our clients receive the best legal and technical defence possible.

Your first step should be to book an appointment with Oliver Abergel, Managing Partner and Head of the Impaired Driving Law Group at WSGA.  He will immediately review your case and ensure that you have the benefit of the best impaired driving defence.