Global ZJU

Against a worldwide background of increasing interdependence and diminishing borders, we review our past and envision the future ZJU as one of the world's leading, comprehensive, research-intensive and innovative universities.We need to become a more visible, attractive and engaged contributor in the global higher education arena.

-- From the 2018 “Global ZJU” Strategy Introduction

From the end of 2017, the University sought to refine ZJU's strategic global priorities. The strategy development process was meant to be inclusive, with more than 200 staff members, students and alumni being consulted through seminars and interviews.

"Global ZJU: CREATE to Impact" -- the resulting global strategy was released in July 2018, serving as a blueprint for ZJU's global engagement. The six major aspects outlined in the strategy are:

We aim to foster an inclusive and innovative campus culture which facilitates cultural inheritance and multicultural interactions and creation of an open innovation ecosystem.
Create a dynamic and inclusive environment where diverse cultures interact and innovative ideas emerge.Learn More

We will continue to diversify our faculty and student profile to create a truly international environment. Multilingual service models, digitally enhanced facilities and an immense variety of activities will be offered to facilitate interaction among an international community of faculty and students.

Construct an open system of cultural inheritance to allow human civilizations to continually flourish.Learn More

We will play an increasingly proactive role in our efforts to preserve and advance human civilizations, including both traditional Chinese cultures and world civilizations. We will promote cultural heritage to a wider audience by taking diverse, cross-disciplinary dissemination approaches.

Build an open ecosystem of innovation where resources within and beyond the University converge. Learn More

We will seek to build up the matrix of innovation driven by universities, governments, industries and civil society – a “quadruple helix” model. Via internal and external partnerships, we will intensify our efforts in gaining greater access to local and global innovation resources and sharing of research findings.

We will strive to become a world-class powerhouse of research and innovation by promoting interdisciplinary, international, and university-industry collaborations.
Foster pioneering interdisciplinary research that drives social prosperity and benefits the future of humanity. Learn More

As the world faces a series of pressing issues, we must break down conventional barriers between disciplines to fully deploy our academic strengths. We will take measures to reinforce the interdisciplinarity of our academic endeavors to enhance research productivity and impact.

Extend international academic dialogues and collaborations with world-class institutions to tackle grand challenges.Learn More

We need to bring together talent and resources from around the world to facilitate synergy in research that is truly cutting-edge against international standards. ZJU will continue to support faculty mobility and academic collaborations to further intellectual exchange.

Work closely with the industry and encourage technology transfer activities to magnify the practical impact of our research progress.Learn More

We will facilitate researchers’ engagement with the industry, and through application and transfer of research results, we will maximize the social benefits of knowledge. We also need to create more engaging, accessible and efficient ways to bring new knowledge to the public.

We aim to empower students with an international perspective, global competence, and social responsibilities – attributes that are essential for enabling our graduates to make a meaningful impact on the world.
Expand students’ international perspective by increasing opportunities for in-depth intercultural encounters and learning. Learn More

Through mobility programs, international courses and intercultural activities, we will provide all students with the opportunity to develop a global outlook. Our educational offerings must equip them with the knowledge, attitudes and values crucial for appropriate and effective interactions across cultures.

Align our educational activities with international standards to build our capacity for nurturing globally competent talent. Learn More

We must take an international view across all major elements of our educational activities. We will give greater prominence to developing students’ capabilities in communication, creative and critical analysis, independent thinking and teamwork spirit in multicultural contexts.

Close the gap between education and practice and encourage students to take responsible action for collective well-being and sustainable development. Learn More

We must strengthen the global relevance of knowledge imparted in the classroom and instill in students a strong sense of global citizenship. We will work closely with the community and the industry to enable students to analyze real-life problems and effectively engage in a globalizing world.

We will quicken our steps to construct an open governance system, a sustainable administrative system, and a supportive administrative environment in line with ZJU’s international ambitions.
Pioneer an open governance system which melds the strengths of higher education models in the East and the West. Learn More

ZJU is of China, but for the world. While exploring a governance system which is deeply rooted in China, we will also join hands with our global partners to integrate good mechanisms and practices and contribute Chinese wisdom to the world’s higher education.

Improve internal connections and communications across the University to remove institutional barriers and ensure sustainable implementation of our strategies. Learn More

Our International Advisory Committee will serve as a hub to set guiding principles and provide expert advice for ZJU’s global engagement. We will also take coordinated and consistent approaches across major internal units to align international initiatives at all levels with overarching global strategies.

Build a supportive administrative environment to ensure university-wide financial and human resources input in ZJU’s full portfolio of international engagements.Learn More

We will effectively synergize internal resources at various levels towards our global initiatives. We will also nurture a pool of young administrative staff with an international perspective, cross-cultural competence and professional expertise.

We will develop ZJU into a destination of choice for the brightest minds all over the world. ZJU talent will be a source and driver of new ideas and practices that serve local and global development.
Diversify our faculty profile by attracting and recruiting the most talented researchers from around the world.Learn More

We will ensure our competitiveness in the international job market by enhancing our digital presence, updating employment systems and developing high-performance human resources management.

Encourage ZJU talent to embrace global experiences and ideas.Learn More

We must identify and create opportunities for our faculty and staff to engage in education , research and innovation activities worldwide. In the meantime, we will propel our excellence to higher levels by evaluating HR performance against international standards.

Optimize working environments and continue to invest in personal development and career progression. Learn More

While celebrating differences, we will cultivate an inclusive working environment for people to pursue their dreams and ambitions. We have always celebrated enterprise and will assist all faculty and staff in developing professional expertise, acquiring new competencies and making academic accomplishments.

We aim to bolster ZJU’s reputation and impact through meaningful engagements with partner institutions, alumni and community both locally and globally.
Build and invest in a multi-layered network of partners for substantial and sustainable collaboration. Learn More

We will forge strategic partnerships with world-leading universities, research institutes and enterprises to enhance our overall capacity. We will develop relationships in “Belt and Road” countries to help build a community with a shared future. We will also give full play to our roles in international organizations to maximize the benefits of such alliances.

Connect ZJU more effectively with alumni around the world. Learn More

We will work closely with alumni chapters and actively engage our alumni in various activities, including student mentoring, careers advising, internship support, technology transfer and public service. In overseas branding initiatives, ZJU alumni will serve as the University’s ambassadors to increase its global presence.

Construct a learning community and serve society’s needs with innovative outputs.Learn More

We will reach out to share knowledge and shape a learning culture. Through technology innovation and policy counseling, we will serve the aspiration of Zhejiang province to become a global innovation hub. We will also leverage our strengths in engineering, agriculture and health to improve public welfare.

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