Fearless Criminal Defence

Webber Goldstein Abergel is the largest criminal defence firm in the nation's capital.

The firm has thrived since its inception as a result of our cumulative expertise in fields such as impaired driving, domestic assault, drug and weapons offences, homicide, complex frauds, and sex offences. 

The success and vibrancy of the firm has steadily increased with the addition of each carefully chosen associate. The team dynamic which permeates our offices is a central quality of this firm.

When someone retains a lawyer from Webber Goldstein Abergel, they literally do retain the whole firm. We are committed to working together and sharing our expertise to ensure the best results for each and every one of our clients.



What We Defend


DUI & Impaired Driving

Those accused of impaired driving ought to consult with a lawyer who spends a significant amount of his or her time defending this type of complex, specialized offence. Experienced counsel know how to review an impaired driving file for the hundreds of potential variables that may lead to a successful result at trial.

The impaired driving group at WSGA brings the benefit of multiple lawyers who have successfully defended impaired driving cases for clients who simply cannot afford to lose. Your lawyer will review your file for every conceivable technical and legal defence -- and then vigorously advance these defences in court. read more >>

Domestic Assault

The words "domestic assault" do not appear in the Criminal Code. That has not stopped the Crowns from forming a special group of prosecutors and the police from assembling a special group of invesitgators to deal with these offences. Any allegation of assault in the context of a domestic relationship, whether marriage or dating, is subject to special protocols and policies from the time a complaint is made all the way through to trial. read more >>

Sexual Offences

Sexual assault charges bring immediate and serious consequences. A mere allegation can ruin your reputation, and these cases are eagerly followed by the media. WSGA lawyers have decades of experience in defending these types of allegations. We immediately commence a detailed investigation of the background of the case, soliciting documents from third parties where appropriate, and using computer and cell phone records to discover the motive behind a false complaint. read more >>


There is no charge in Canada more serious. In the old days, a conviction for murder carried the death penalty. But even with the repeal of the death penalty, convictions for murder (first or second degree) bring with them a mandatory life sentence.

The police have a special section called "major crimes" for murder investigations. No fewer than two lead investigators are assigned to any file. No fewer than two Crowns prosecute any charge. If these are the forces massed against you, and you are fighting for your life, there is no choice but to hire the very best. There is a reason why we are the "go to" firm for homicide defence in the Eastern Region. read more >>

Drug Offences

The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act is the legislation that governs drug prosecutions in Canada. It is prosecuted by different Crowns than Criminal Code offences. In other words, the Crowns who prosecute the accused are specialists in drug offences. You deserve to have counsel who have spent as much time and energy focusing on the same issues. We at WSGA all have experience challenging search warrants. We all have experience using the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to ensure that our clients' rights are fully protected. What is the point of having a right protected by the Charter if you don't have counsel who are experienced and skilled enough to defend that right? We work to ensure that the Crown is not allowed to use improperly-seized evidence in court. read more >>

Bail Hearings

Generally, bail is the first interaction with the court that an accused person will have. A bail hearing determines whether the accused person waits for trial in or out of jail. Everyone knows that you are presumed innocent, but not everyone realizes that you can still be kept in jail waiting for your trial. That can last months and even years if you don't get out on bail.

WSGA lawyers deal with bail hearings every day. We know that the only way to do a bail hearing is to do it perfectly the first time. We know what kind of plan will be required to convince a court to release an accused even on the most serious charges, we know how to assemble that plan, and we know how to present it. read more >>

Young Offenders

When a person under the age of 18 is charged with a criminal or drug offence special rules apply. This starts as early as the investigation and bail hearing, and continues all the way through the trial, and even to sentencing where necessary. WSGA lawyers are well versed in the details of the Youth Criminal Justice Act and the special considerations that the justice system affords young persons. read more >>


If you have been convicted after trial, your only recourse is to appeal. It is your last chance to correct an unfavourable verdict. But conducting a criminal appeal is not like representing a client at trial. It requires specialized knowledge and skills, and a familiarity with the unique challenges of the appellate process. It is often preferable to get a new lawyer for an appeal, one who can look at the case with fresh eyes, and who has the experience to ensure that your last chance is a good one. read more >>